Trinbago cuisine with Shivi Ramoutar
and her recipe for buss up shut

Sunset at Pigeon Point, Tobago
Malwani hirwa tisrya masala

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Indian malwani hirwa tisrya masala
by Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan: “Getting the meat from the clams, while the shell would be covered in that spicy coconut chutney, it was a joy of scooping that out along with the masala and eating it with chapattis.” This Indian seafood dish with spicy coconut paste is an absolute showstopper.

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This traditional pie from the Netherlands combines delicious brioche-like dough with a fruity filling of apricots. Be as generous as the people of Limburg, where this delicacy originated, by dividing this wagon wheel sized pastry into giant slices.


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